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The Project

Making Housing Easy

The core of the project is to create an intuitive and modern website, similar to, that makes it easy for students to rent a room online without being scammed. We only want legit rooms and legit roommates. No more shady deals with greedy landlords or weird roommates. We'll have your back, and we'll make sure you get your deposit back!

In Our Dreams

In our dreams, we will bring together the best furnished/short-term housing providers, from every city in every country, onto the RoomChazer Platform. Out of our collaboration, studying, traveling, and renting will become an easy and hassle-free experience for all those students moving far away from home!

Giving Back

This project is also about creating a community of like-minded students. We think that traveling and going to school at the same time should be the way to go for every college students. We want to promote study abroad programs and create a grant to open study abroad opportunities to under privileged students.

Past and Current Team Members

Christine Olory

Founder & CEO

Traveler. Adventurer. Dreamer.
She has founded 2 successful companies and boasts 10 years of experience in the Travel&Housing Industry. Her motto is "Dream. Plan. Execute!"

Rachel Alirez

Business Operations

Born and Raised in San Diego. First College Graduate in her family. Thanks to her attention to details, her street-smarts, and communication skills, Rachel makes it look easy to run the business!

Pierre Pignault

Sales&Biz Dev.

Love challenges and solving problems. When he is not surfing in Pacific Beach, you'll find him crunching statistics, motivating his Ambassador Team, and connecting with the Industry.



MSc Student. Graduated in Mathematics and Management at University Ulm in Germany. Love Step Aerobic and Pilates.




Traveling and living abroad since 18y.o. His life is an endless adventure. Former Student Athlete (soccer). Business Management graduate.When Alex is not at work, he is at the local CrossFit facility!



Graphic Design/Social Media

Traveling. Hanging out with Friends. Enjoying Life as long as you can! If you can throw some cool graphics and posts on Facebook at the same time, all is good!


AJ Bitalika

Junior Developer

Loves challenges, surpassing himself and winning! His formal computer science education will bring quality code to


Kumbi Murinda


International Business Senior at SDSU. An overachiever who will succeed with or without RoomChazer! Let's hope he hangs out with us for a while!

More about the Team

Why join the Project?

  • Professional Connections

    Professional Experience

    Make Important Professional Connections and add a valuable experience to your resume!

  • FREE Housing. Come without worries!

    FREE Housing!

    If you are selected to be one of the core team members, we will cover your Housing for up to 3 months!

  • Great experience. Work Hard. Play Hard.

    Great Experience

    Meet other ambitious Young People. Work Hard. Play Hard.

Step 1: Finding the Right KeyWords!

Blogging for business is all about writing articles with the right keywords. Our goal is to come up on Google's first page when somebody types in " apartment for students in san diego" or "student housing san diego" or "room for rent summer los angeles".

The first question to ask ourselves is: "What do students type into Google when they are moving to a new city and looking for housing?"

I think that a 20 year-old girl living in Boston and moving to Los Angeles for a summer internship would type into Google: "summer housing Los Angeles". What would YOU type?!

So brainstorming on keywords is a very important step. Once we know which keywords are the most popular, we know which keywords to use in our blog article to reach a maximum of people.

Do you know the Keyword Tool Planner from Google? It's a free tool that tells you how often people look for specific keywords. It told me that there are about 30 queries per month for "summer housing Los Angeles". Pretty cool tool, right?! Your turn to try it out. Please use our account information to access the KeyWord Tool Planner:
Login: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pwd: 2rSucCeX

Choose the option "Get Search Volume for a specific keyword or group them into..." and start playing with it!

ACTION: Pick one of these situations and find the most popular keywords: (Write your answers in a comment below this article.)

1- A student/intern who is moving to San Diego for the summer
2- A student/intern who is moving to Los Angeles for the summer
3- A student/intern who is going to San Francisco for the summer
4- A student/intern who is going to Miami for the Summer

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